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Advocacy Elevated

In a legal market filled with increasingly narrow specialties, Noonan Law Group focuses on what it takes to win.

In court, judges and juries determine who is credible, and who is right and who is wrong. In that world, the evidence matters. The law matters. And advocacy matters.

Effective, compelling advocacy is Noonan Law Group’s “niche.” Trusted advisors, they help clients understand where they are and where they can go. Credible advocates, they then help judges and juries understand why their clients are in the right.

Noonan Law Group encourages potential clients to investigate their options. Talk with the international, national, and local law firms. Find the very best they have to offer. Confirm who will be working on your case – it may not be the partner you meet. Compare the costs, background, and experience of those lawyers.

Then speak with Noonan Law Group.

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Service Elevated

Noonan Law Group is a business litigation firm serving clients throughout California, including the Sacramento and Fresno metropolitan areas, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. It provides commercial litigation services, including case analysis, pre-filing negotiation, ADR/mediation, arbitration, and representation in California state and federal trial and appellate courts.

Areas of specific expertise are listed below, but contact Noonan Law Group directly to find out if it can be of assistance for your commercial dispute.


Healthcare Disputes

Noonan Law Group focuses on provider/payer disputes, with specific emphasis on high-value matters arising from contested contract language or payment provisions or practices.

Commercial Contract Disputes

Noonan Law Group has extensive experience handling complex contract cases across multiple industry sectors, and helps their clients determine and then enforce their rights.

License Disputes

Noonan Law Group’s extensive contract and intellectual property experience combine to provide a depth of expertise for these matters, which often involve unpaid or underpaid royalties, or a party abusing a limited right to use intellectual property.

Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

Noonan Law Group has handled these disputes in all their iterations: Minority shareholder claims; partnership disputes; joint venture breakdowns; corporate opportunity usurpation; as well as related claims for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and accounting.

False Claims Actions

Noonan Law Group’s experience includes whistleblower claims brought under the Federal and California False Claims Acts, as well as extensive work under California’s Insurance Frauds Prevention Act (“IFPA”), which targets false claims submitted to commercial insurers.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Noonan Law Group’s experience includes trade secret misappropriation, and copyright, trademark and trade dress infringement disputes.


Noonan Law Group stands at the intersection of business and the First Amendment. They have handled cases for defamation and trade libel, as well as Lanham Act, unfair competition, and right of publicity claims. They also have substantial experience litigating under California’s anti-SLAPP statute.

Results Elevated

Noonan Law Group has successfully represented clients across a wide variety of disputes. Its attorneys have brought challenging, high value matters to successful conclusion through trial and appeal, prevailed in multiple cases through dispositive motions, managed complex discovery proceedings, and conducted numerous mediations, settlement conferences, and direct settlement negotiations. A sample of their case experience is available through each attorney’s biography.

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Noonan Law Group does not handle all types of cases. Personal injury or wage and hour employment case? Noonan Law Group is not the firm for you. Noonan Law Group has a singular focus: Helping businesses and their executives through their toughest commercial litigation challenges.

When a business dispute matters, when the difference between winning and losing matters, that is the case for Noonan Law Group.

Please submit inquiries to info@noonanlawgroup.com or call